A Professionally designed website is the modern day Business Card.

Empower your Patients, Inform your Referral Sources and Lift your Professional Image

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Consult Press is a Designer Website Boutique

Medical Websites designed by Doctors for Doctors
What will your patient find when they google their doctors name.

A professional comprehensive website is the modern day business card. Almost certainly most of your patients have googled your name at least once. If you do not have a professional online presence then patients will resort to seeking information from outdated directories, public comments and sometimes nothing at all. With your own website you can be assured that patients will receive an up to date and accurate representation of your practice and be informed about services you offer.

Free up valuable administrative time

Reduce the amount of time that your staff spends on the phone providing information such as directions and opening hours. A website can provide answers to all sorts of frequent patient questions that reception staff are burdened with all day long, for example:

  • Where is the clinic and how do I get there?
  • When will my doctor be in the clinic?
  • Are you taking new patients?
  • Is there anything I need to do before my appointment?
  • Who should I call if there is a medical emergency after hours?
Sharing accredited clincial resources with patients

There is a wealth of information available on the Internet but not all of it is related to your practice or to your patients. In the absence of credible resources, your patients may be reading information listed on random websites written by strangers, which is less than ideal.

Having accredited information linked to your website not only empowers your patients and makes them comfortable

Make your presence academically outstanding

We are in an industry that not only cares for patients but also for another generation of doctors to come. Having postgraduate and undergraduate students in medical practices and letting the wider community and institutes become aware about it will lift your professional image.

Through a website you can provide information to institutes who send students, to students themselves and to patients about the practice’s academic policies.

From Doctors to Doctors, we understand the health industry better than anyone else. Your website will differ from typical business websites. We see you as a provider caring for patients and your practice as an academically driven health care centre.

Your professional online presence is important to us, as fellow doctors we understand the value you place upon your reputation and credibility. Our fool proof websites and custom made contents will create a unique visibility about you in your chosen field.

Not just for doctors, we also provide this same great service to other health professionals such as Pharmacists, Podiatrists, Exercise physiologists and Physiotherapists.

When you choose to go with us to develop the website, 

  •  We will visit your practice and will take photos of the building and staff #
  • We will supply consent forms for photos so your staff and patients can sign if they appear in photos to be used on the website. This means neither you nor us will run into privacy issues at a later stage.
  • We can even take photos or videos of procedures if you can arrange actors or real patients to participate and we will get the paperwork for consent done for this too.
  • We will buy any commercial photos that may be required for the website. (We don’t use photos from Google search, which will put you and us in conflict with intellectual property laws later)
  • We don’t just build a website, but we build a perspective with a unique eye to the clinical context. After you have given us a brief overview of the clinical contents that you like to see on the website, we will create them for you and provide it back to you for proofreading.
  • Once we received all the materials, it takes generally about 2-3 weeks for us to get a fully functional prototype website ready for you to view that is hosted on our servers.  You can access it via a username and password.  Once everyone is happy with the site, we will then launch the website.
# Traveling cost may apply if your practice out side the Melbourne catchment area, please call us and discuss this further.

Who are we

A Quality Website can only be built by doctors for another doctor.

Dr Rajan Kailainathan

MBBS (Hons) B.Med.Sci. Advance Trainee for Australian College of Emergency Medicine.

Director and Designer

Dr Rajan completed his medical degree in 2008 at the University of Tasmania. Prior to medical school he had extensive interest in digital designing and building computers. He has obtained diploma in Website Designing and a graduate certificate in Computer Assembling.

Since he was a teenager he was building websites for various charitable organizations using HTML. While he was at school he co-founded a company, which built computers for schools and houses. He sold his computer building business as medical school study and clinical work became more time consuming.

While at medical school he continued to develop his interest in the website industry further. Emerging technology in this industry inspired him to further his designing skills.

After graduating from medical school, he trained in both medical and surgical disciplines and various public and private hospitals in the urban and rural geographic regions of Australia. He decided to embark on his career in emergency medicine in year 2012.

With his unique perspective and attention to detail, he learned over time while in clinical practice, that the online industry of the health sector can be improved with more importance given to its aesthetic appearance while also improving the clinical contents and clinical relevance of information presented. He established Consult Press – medical website designing service as a campaign to help doctors to increase their online visibility in 2013 with Dr Srigala Nagarajan.

He now work full time as Registrar of Emergency Medicine in Melbourne, and part time as website designer.


Dr Srigala Nagarajan

MBBS. B.Med.Sci. Provisional Trainee for Australian College of Emergency Medicine.

Director and Editor

 Dr Srigala (Sri) has completed her medical degree in 2012 at the University of Melbourne. She has worked in multiple disciplines of medicine in various hospitals in Melbourne and commenced training in Emergency Medicine. She has extensive interest in delivering health information to consumers and patients in a succinct way. She assists the Consult Press team with content generation, proof reading and website design.